Why Is This Blog Named His Love IS Real?


I read the above devotional and it described His love for you perfectly! Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait a few minutes…

It occurred to me that although I have many reasons to write, the main reason I started this blog was to let you know that God’s love for you is real, it’s unconditional, it’s sacrificial, it’s everlasting, and if you look hard enough it can be found anywhere.

So even though I may talk about fashion or natural hair don’t think for one minute that God’s not in it. After all, He is the one that gave me my hair and put the desires I have surrounding fashion in my heart! He knows what I like, and what brings me joy because He loves me. And He loves you!!

His Love IS real and He wants you to know that YOU are valuable and precious to Him! It doesn’t matter what you did in your past, or what you look like, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t born into money, or if you own your weight in gold! God doesn’t care about things like that.

HE loved you enough to sacrifice HIS own son Jesus on a cross for you! Jesus Christ loved you enough to go through with the sacrifice on the cross so that you would be able to know His Father God. Jesus died and overcame death on the third day so that you would have everlasting life and believe in Him and His love for you!!

It all comes down to love. That’s why this blog is called His Love IS Real… So that you can go and find His love for you in your everyday situations… Maybe you see his love for you when you eat lunch, or maybe when you catch a glorious sunset in all of your favorite colors, maybe it’s in a song that you sing at church, or the feeling of raindrops on your skin.

Or maybe you realize His love for you is real when you pray, or draw, or finally succeed at something you’ve wanted to give up on, or fail at something you just knew you’d pass with flying colors. Jesus shows His love to His children in many different ways. We are all different so why would He try to love us the same way all of the time. The only things that stay the same are the cold hard facts: allow yourself to be loved by Him. I did and I haven’t regretted it!

4 thoughts on “Why Is This Blog Named His Love IS Real?

    • you are welcome! Thank you for reading! and the name of my devotional is Hugs: Daily Inspirations for Women. I purchased it years ago but I’m sure you can find an updated version at any Christian book store or maybe even a Barnes and Nobles…

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