Happy Birthday Dearest Friend!!

Have you ever met someone who changed your life forever? Who opened your eyes to the wonders of the world? Who let you be your absolute self no matter what it did to your social life? Who stood by you through all the good, bad, and awkward situations? Well that person for me is my Jeni-bean RED!!!
The Best Friend A Girl Could Ever Have!!!


I met her in high school, in English class then we played volleyball together!! It was magical! I mean she was so awesome! She was such a great writer with words that instantly drew you in to exactly what it was she was trying to convey! She had the biggest smile and the whitest skin which I adored! We had so much in common yet she was still herself too!!

She did everything I wanted to do but never could. She could sew, play softball, draw, swim, and drive! She was and still is sweet, funny, giving, sensitive, creative, kind, caring, loving and she has this uncanny ability to make everyone feel welcome and included; even on her birthday!!

Jeni’s Birthday is today and I so wish I could be with her to celebrate the day she was born because I cherish her more than she may ever know!! I guess that’s what happens when we grow up and move away… but I still want my dearest friend to know that I am thinking about her all the time especially today! I picked out a few pictures (all from Pinterst) that reminded me of her…

This just reminds me of our friendship!!!
This is one of her favorite characters!
simple yet beautiful!


wonderful colors just like her soul!
She’s always so mysterious yet inviting!!!
To me this just screams Jeni!!!



Happy Birthday Jeni!!! I love you so much and I hope you have the most fantastic fun-filled day!!

Love You My Jeni!!!

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