TV Wedding Moments…

I was browsing my Twitter feed this morning when I came along this awesome article from Black and Married With Kids (@blackandmarried on twitter) about the 5 Black TV Wedding Moments We Couldn’t Wait To See… There was a clip from Living Single, Jamie Foxx, Martin, Good Times, and A Different World  and most of them I could remember (Good Times is a little old even for me and I honestly don’t remember that episode)!

I remember being so happy for the characters on the show and even now watching the clips thinking man it was about time!!! Those characters had been through so much leading up to that day… but I guess they had to make it through so many seasons before they could marry off main characters because everyone knows that marriage changes things and I am sure that the writers were very aware that once they crossed that line, time was ticking until the show would be over.

Although those shows were incredible, especially compared to the shows out today. They still lacked a sense of righteousness. I grew up thinking you slept with and lived in the same apartment with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then you got married. I mean no wonder all of these “couples” had so many problems, it just wasn’t real life or maybe the problem was that in fact it was real life… I don’t know but what I do know is that I am glad that me and my husband did it differently, and that when we have children they will know what marriage is all about. They will be aware of what it means to have boundaries, and values and standards, and they will have a real life example of how to do marriage instead of relying on the TV couples to show them.

I know this may sound like I am beating up those TV shows but I’m not! I mean I really am grateful because at least they showed me that getting married was a possibility! They gave me hope that I could one day get married, and be a wife, that there was someone out there who loved me enough to make me his wife! And for that I am truly thankful. It may sound like I’m looking down on everyone who may have had the kind of relationship some of these characters had… and I’m NOT doing that either!! Everyone has a different way of doing things I just wanted to make the way I did things different as well. Regardless, TV is not real and I guess by me growing up I realize that now. But boy did they have some great wedding moments!

With that being said, here are two of my favorite clips from the article…



you can go here to see the full article!!

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