Don’t Be Afraid To Be Used By God!

Just a little while ago I received a text message from someone who had a word of encouragement for me. Granted she had no idea what it meant or if it would even make sense to me but she was obedient and text me anyway… well little did she know the encouragement she gave me brought a sense of peace into my life that I needed concerning a difficult decision I’m facing.

I already prayed about the decision but wanted to make sure that my heart was right and that I wasn’t just hearing what I wanted to hear but that I was really hearing from God on the matter. So when she sent me that text describing a fear that I had as a ripple effect to my decision I knew that God was speaking!

Don’t be afraid to be used by God! You never know how much a person needs to hear or read or see whatever it is that God is asking you to convey through the many talents you may have! I recently allowed myself to be used by God in much the same way via a text message (seemingly out of the blue to someone) and found out that my obedience helped that person deal with a situation they needed to address. If you are willing, God will use you, and I guarantee you’ll be just as blessed for obeying Him as the person is who has just heard from Him through you!


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