God Really Does Want to Communicate With You…

How amazing is that? It’s true! God really wants to communicate with you!! Yes you, the reader of these words; even you!! He may use people you know and some you don’t, He may use a song, or something you read a long time ago. However He chooses to communicate with you be encouraged because He just wants you know that His Love Is Real and will never change. He loves you and has always loved you and there is nothing that you can do that will ever change that! He communicates a lot through the Bible, if you don’t know where to start may you be encouraged enough to start there!! If you don’t know much about the Bible may I suggest either downloading the Bible app You Version or going to Youversion.com they have  numerous amounts of daily bible devotions by topic and subject that you can begin to better your communication with God. He wants to communicate with you but you have to first be willing to listen.

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