Being in His Presence

There is NOTHING like being in His presence! And by Him I mean Jesus! Today has been one of those days where I can’t stop praying, praising, singing or thinking about the love Jesus has towards me and everyone of you! I am so overwhelmed but in the best possible way and there is so much peace knowing that God is in control even when we may not see it!

Nothing compares to spending time with Jesus! I have found that even my normal means of entertainment just aren’t as satisfying now that I’ve spent time in His presence… I guess it’s because in His presence you can be real! You can cry, shout, scream, pace back and forth, lay curled up in a ball, ask questions, read His word, listen, be corrected, yet still be fully and completely loved by Him simply because He loves you and delights in spending time with you! It’s an amazing time of growth and intimacy with the One who created you.

I absolutely encourage all of you to go and be in His presence! It may not be all day like I’ve done, maybe you only have 20 minutes or maybe you have an hour. Maybe all you have is 5 minutes, that’s okay too because in His presence you will be renewed, refreshed, made strong, filled with faith and God is able to do all those things in the time that you have to give to Him. He wants you to know that His Love IS Real, let Him lavish you with that love; go be in His Presence! Amen & Amen!!

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