Dealing With Disappointment

Have you ever been so close to finally getting something that you’ve always wanted only for it to be ripped from you before you could truly catch hold of it? Maybe it was a dream job, a trip of a lifetime, a chance to move, whatever it was or may be just stand firm on what God has told you concerning that specific situation. Never stop believing, Never stop praying, Never stop trusting in God and that HE knows better. HIS LOVE IS REAL!!! HE cares about you more than you care about yourself and HE ALWAYS has your best interest in mind. What you think you need HE already knows how it’s going to end therefore, HE may not give you what you think you need in the time you want if at all!

And if we claim to love Jesus we should be okay with what ever answer He gives us. If His answer is wait, not yet, no, go back, start over, apologize, forgive, or repent, we should gladly obey and take the necessary actions to do what it is He has said to do. We may be disappointed but we need to know that FATHER knows best and deal with the disappointment by standing on the word of God, praising HIM for what He’s done for us and what He continues to do! Today I am disappointed but I know that although I am sad today JOY will come in the morning!! So instead of sulking I’m gonna praise HIM and continue to stand on the word of God and His promises and I encourage you to do the same! AMEN & AMEN!!

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