Numbers: It’s Not Ephesians

That’s right, the book of Numbers is Not the book of Ephesians or any other well-known book for that matter yet its the book of the Bible that I just finished reading and I actually enjoyed it!! I know right! It’s hard to believe that I could enjoy something so far back into the Old Testament but it’s true and I feel so accomplished!

God has been dealing with me about His word. I have never been the person to read the Old Testament or actually care about the why of the Bible or the history that makes up the Bible simply because it made my head hurt and it just seemed overwhelming. I have even admitted (rather proudly I might add) that there were parts of the Bible I hadn’t read. And that very statement was the one that convicted me to my core.

How could I be so proud to admit I hadn’t read God’s word? What was it about my depraved mind that thought boasting about my ignorance was okay? Well shortly after I made that remark for the umpteenth time no less. I decided that I was going to start reading more of the books I had never attempted to read and I prayed about which book God wanted me to start in. As I was doing this I was reading a Proverb a day and realized how much more meat there was when I stayed there for a while and re-read certain parts and really let the words get down deep. A pastor in a sermon told us to read the story of Joshua and Caleb and the rest of the spies in Numbers 13.

I had heard of the story numerous times and could even tell you what it was about but never knew where in the Bible it was until that moment. And that’s when I heard God say, “keep reading, what else can you learn?” So I decided that the next book that I would read in the Bible was Numbers and that I would read a chapter a day. And that is exactly what I did. Just about every day I took something away from each chapter that I read.  I made notes in my margin, underlined, asked questions, I read the book of Numbers to receive from it and I was not disappointed!

I learned more about the covering of God that the people of Israel had, how they didn’t move unless directed to. I learned the real reason why Moses was rebuked for striking the rock and the consequences of his sin. I learned how God’s anger boiled over when his children whom he provided for complained yet he still showed mercy. I learned where the story was about the talking donkey and what the story was really about. I learned what happened when people both obeyed and disobeyed God and was so thankful that I wasn’t alive back then. And I even found a few names to ponder for my future children. But most of all I learned that God’s word is incredibly amazing and well worth reading and I encourage you all to read it on a daily basis!!

5 thoughts on “Numbers: It’s Not Ephesians

    • Thanks so much! It was seriously worth it to learn more of God’s word! And some of the names I ran across were Jahleel which I’ve heard of but never seen it spelled this way as well as Ephraim, Naphtali and Serah with an e and Noah for a girl’s name! I also found the name Naaman which is a friend’s name!!

    • Thank you so much! It was definitely worth it to learn more of God’s word! And some of the names I came across were. Jaleel I’ve never seen it spelled that way, Ephraim, Nephtali, Serah with an e, and Noah for a girl’s name! I did find the name Naaman which is a friend’s name and kinda cool! Thanks for reading!

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