I Won The Liebster Blog Award!

So I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by a great blogger bargaindiva and am super excited because this is only my second award! The Liebster Award is meant to go to some of your favorite up and coming bloggers! Some of the blogs that I chose I haven’t been following for very long but I look forward to each and every post they put out and some are blogs that I save or tell others about all the time…

In no particular order…

In House Counsel


The Divorce Covenant

Working For Christ

Double Hockey Sticks

123 Homemaking Made Easy

Travel Lady With Baby

The Riff-Maker

The Only Option

My Journey Continued

My Meanderings

Congratulations Everyone!!!

Now I have to answer 11 questions that were given to me to answer then I have to tell you 11 things about me and then ask those bloggers that I gave the award to 11 different questions. So here we go…

Questions for Me to Answer:

1. If you could pick any view in the world for your home, what view would you want to see out of your windows? I would have one of those views where you could see both the mountains and the ocean with a great view of trees during the fall!!

2. What is your favorite place to shop? any place that has a sale!

3. Who is your celebrity crush? Denzel Washington! He’s a pretty awesome all around stand up guy!!
4. What is your fashion style? colorfully comfortable (I just made that up but it fits so well)
5. Who or what is your fashion inspiration? no one in particular, if I like something I like it.
6. What is your favorite song? I don’t have one I have many.
7. If you had an extra empty room, what would use it for? An art room and prayer room
8. What is your dream career? to be a professional stylist
9. What is your favorite movie? Mulan
10. What is your favorite TV show? Dawson’s Creek
11. What is your favorite food?  Chicken
11 Facts About Me:
  1. I want to travel the world
  2. My husband and I want seven children
  3. We want to adopt at least 2 not necessarily included in the seven
  4. I have come to enjoy the sounds that come with a clean house (i.e.  the vacuum, the dishwasher running, the washer and dryer)
  5. I really want some nerd glasses for real
  6. I would love to coach volleyball
  7. I have the bug to move again
  8. I wanted to be a hearing impaired teacher when I was little
  9. I never had a boyfriend in high school
  10. I love playing board games
  11. I enjoying baking for my husband

Questions for The Recipients to Answer:

  1. Where is your dream vacation have you gone there and if so how long did it take you to get there?
  2. What’s your dream job?
  3. What’s your favorite food?
  4. Where do you see your self in five years?
  5. Do you play any instruments?
  6. What color is your hair right now?
  7. What sport in the Olympics would you play?
  8. What do you do in your free time?
  9. Are you on social media sites?
  10. What is your favorite type of shoe to wear?
  11. What is your dream car?

Official Rules
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers (if possible, with less than 200 followers) and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6. There’s no tag backs.

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