Hurting People Want To Be Heard

I have always been a listener more than a talker but ever since I have tried to make myself talk more to accompany my listening skills I forgot how much God uses me in that way. This week alone I have been caught off guard by people unabashedly spilling their guts to me… Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind listening at all but I don’t think I was expecting most of them.

What I learned was simply this: Hurting people want to be heard! It doesn’t matter if they are struggling with things, are overly stressed about situations, or have regrets they need to voice, people want to know that there is someone there to acknowledge that they hear them and fortunately for them that is exactly how God made me. He’s made me to listen first and offer words second. I just have to remember that in those times my listening is more important than keeping my schedule and I need to do everything without complaining.

Blessed are the flexible, right? Well that doesn’t just mean on a mission trip or another high paced situation, it also means in my every day life! If I am not flexible enough to be used by God I can’t call myself a passionate follower of Jesus! It’s in those moments of flexibility that I gain the most clarity and regain proper perspective on what it means to truly love others. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Be open to being used by God today He won’t disappoint!

2 thoughts on “Hurting People Want To Be Heard

  1. yes dear, everyone wants to be heard and loved back. all can take any thing in the life but when it comes to love, it’s all that is needed. nothing can stand for it in return , ONLY LOVE. really beautiful thoughts that you have and i believe the same. love everyone and live with them, love will be there always with you and make others happy to live. bring happiness and light, you will find yourself everytime !!!1

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