Prayer for Struggling Wives By April Cassidy

This wonderful prayer and blog post came to me by way of my subscription to Her website is pretty awesome and very encouraging. I have reposted many of her blog posts in the hopes that you all get something out of them and this one is no different! April said that this post was a prayer for someone she has been talking to but it’s also a prayer for all of us so I had to share it.

I know of a few women who could use the encouragement and I know of a few marriages who could use the prayer, and maybe you do too… by all means pray this prayer for those people. I know I did.  And honestly I think that most anyone could use this prayer not just wives…


IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR YOUR MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do have a mountain to climb.  But I know you have it in you to do this and that God can empower you to do this.  You can’t do it on your own.  I completely agree that if you try to do all of this yourself, it’s impossible.

So it will involve beginning to use those faith and trust muscles in God that haven’t been getting much use.

Our God has HUGE plans for you, precious wife!  You are the one who is going to be the hero for this family.  I pray that God will let you see just a little glimpse of His plans and dreams for you and your family!  And of His incredible love for you.  His perfect love drives out all fear.

Your eyes are on the waves – I pray that you will get your eyes off the storm and onto Jesus.  He has this.  You don’t have to struggle.  You don’t have to try to walk on water yourself.  He’s going to lift you up to do this.

Lord (I put my hands on each hurting wife and pray over them from a distance),

I believe many wives are being attacked by Satan and that he would like nothing better than to hold their heads under water and drown their spirits.  I pray that each hurting wife might seek Your face today above all else and hear Your voice.  Help them to see any sin that is quenching Your Spirit in their lives.  Give them godly sorrow that leads to repentance and restoration with You and Your Spirit rushing in and flooding their souls with Your power, joy, peace, hope, strength, courage, wisdom and self-control.  Don’t let them fall victim to worldly sorrow that leads to death.  I pray that You might equip them for this spiritual battle so that they can stand firmly in the gap for their families and reach them for You.  I pray that the families might see Your love shining through these wives’ eyes, words and deeds.  I pray that the fragrance of Christ might be strong with these women and that all who know them and are around them will know without a doubt that they have been with Jesus.

I pray that each wife reading this prayer will be able to get up and stand in confidence in knowing that the blood of Jesus has washed away every stain of sin.  I pray each wife will determine to serve You as Lord of her life and live in obedience to You no matter the cost.  And I pray that she will know that she is a daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords  – she is not a pauper’s daughter!  She has access to all the riches of heaven.  Help her to begin to see that she can use the gifts You have purchased for her and that she is not powerless, she is not a victim.  She is far, far from worthless.  She is a precious, lovely, beautiful, important, valuable, cherished daughter of the King.  I pray she will know the width, depth and breadth of Your love for her, Lord!!!!  Open her eyes to see herself as You see her. Let her read the promises in Your Word and stand on them, not her own understanding.  Let her see that your wisdom is much higher than her own.  Help her to lay aside her wisdom and feelings and put on Your wisdom and Your armor and Your righteousness.  She didn’t deserve it.  She is a sinner like me.  But You are giving her the gifts of heaven out of your mercy, grace and generosity for her to bring great glory to You.  Let her be found faithful when she enters heaven’s gates!

Raise up her head.  Give her the support she needs.  Give her the vision she needs.  Help her to crucify her old self and old desires and old ways of thinking and see the new thing that You are doing in her that is going to bless her family with Your power!  In all things she is more than a conqueror!  Fill her mind with Your praises and with Your Word.  Let her turn the knob to let Your Spirit flow in abundantly and in power to work in her, to remove all the filth and rot that offends you and that is destroying her.  Renew her mind and heart.  Fill her with good things from You.  Change her life, her soul, her marriage, her family and let them bring the greatest possible glory to Jesus!  Your will in her life, Lord!  All of Your will and nothing but Your will!

Remove the oppression of Satan from her mind.  Flood her soul and mind with Your light and hope!  Give her the faith to stand and begin to fight the enemy and see her family rescued from Satan’s snares.

In the Name and power of Jesus Christ,


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