Free Goodies!!


So I had the awesome privilege to participate in sampling a box of goodies from Influenster thanks to my fellow blogger bargindiva for bringing this wonderful site to my attention!

Influenster is a wonderful way to try out goodies that you may have seen but don’t want to pay the money for or can’t afford to splurge on. And it’s absolutely free!! That’s the absolute best part about it!!

You really don’t have to pay anything to try it! All you do is go to the website fill out a few short (for real short) surveys and wait for a campaign that fits your answers! I signed up and was notified about a box within like 2 weeks! So you don’t have to wait forever!!

In all I got a total of five wonderful items completely free. They included sun block, nail polish, feminine hygiene products, a breakfast bar, and hand cream. I will give more detailed reviews later…(I’m currently writing this from my phone due to internet issues) but wanted you all to know about the great goodies!!

***Disclaimer: all of these products were complimentary to me and I was not paid to give my opinions on anything.***

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