Listen and Obey

Listen and obey… It seems so easy to do but when you are in the middle of a tough situation it can be overwhelming. Today during a bible study that I lead we were talking about the Holy Spirit and some of the gifts that come with that.

Well during this time I had two options; one was to just do what I felt like doing, and the other option was to listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me and act accordingly.

Fortunately this time I listened and felt the presence of the Lord in the room. But if i hadn’t listened it could have led to someone being scared, nervous, and embarrassed. Which is something I never want to do to anyone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you should always try to listen and obey what you feel the Holy Spirit is telling you because you never know how your obedience or disobedience will affect someone else. I really learned that today and am more motivated now to listen and obey than ever before.

One thought on “Listen and Obey

  1. Every Saturday during mass I pray and ask God to help me be quiet. Often times, I talk to myself, listen to my own advice, and fill my thoughts with so much clutter there’s no room for the Holy Spirit to get through. And sure enough, those are the times bad and impulsive decisions and actions are made/done. But on those rare occasions, (rare-but I’m working on it!) when I quiet my brain and allow nothingness to linger, the Holy Spirit gets through and guides me in the right direction or plants wonderful seeds of advice which I can cultivate and re-use.

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