I have been in this position before and although I’m married now I still have friends who aren’t and I hope that I haven’t said these things too many times!!!

The Peaceful Wife

Rachel is a single girl teaching English in inner-city Memphis.  You can find her at Why I…, her blog where she writes about anything that pops into her head, from television to theology to the weird things her dog does.

Based on my Facebook news feed, it is engagement and wedding season (with a few pregnancies and babies thrown in for good measure).  I am extremely happy for my friends who are being blessed in these ways, but I won’t lie and say it’s easy to see yet another beautiful ring, yet another set of starry-eyed engagement photos, yet another photo album of centerpieces and flowers and beautiful dresses.

I am only 25.  This is the 21st century; I am not a spinster.  I have a dog that I love in a house that I love in a city that I love.  I have a wonderful job that more…

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