National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer (it’s always the first Thursday in May) and you are never too young or too old to pray for our nation… I remember when my husband and I were teaching youth group a few years ago and we participated in this day by simply praying for one another and prayer for the seven areas of influence. It was quite remarkable to watch 9-12 year old boys and girls seek the Lord on our nation’s behalf.

I would encourage everyone whether you have a corporate event to attend or not to take some time out of your day and pray for the following areas:

  1. Government– your local and state government as well as the President of the United States and his cabinet
  2. Military– the men and women who are serving in the armed force and the military family members
  3. Media– the influence of the media and the distribution of good, solid, moral materials
  4. Business– small and large business owners, and CEO’s of corporations
  5. Education– for your local school system,  the board of education in your area, students that you know
  6. Church– your pastor, pastors of other churches, unity between churches, the true word would be preached
  7. Family– your family, other people’s, family, that more families would stay together, that divorce would NOT be an option

These are just some ideas that you can pray for regarding these seven areas of influence… by all means seek the Lord and pray what He would have you pray. If you have time stop by the National Day of Prayer website and just remember you can pray every day not just today for these specific areas. Many blessings to you today and every day.

One thought on “National Day of Prayer

  1. Thank you for these clear prayer points. Very well done, and I encourage everyone to consider them. I’ve also posted sample prayers for the National Day of Prayer on my site, and am grateful that you are encouraging people to pray for America.

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