30 Days of Pictures… Day 2

Today features pictures of a few women that I’ve known the longest…It was only suppose to be one but technically I’ve known both for the same amount of time… There were a few people who I’ve known longer… but I don’t have any pictures with them nor have access to any old year book pics… anyway without further ado may I introduce to you my dear friends Vanessa and Elizabeth!!

I've known Vanessa since middle school!! This picture was taken five years ago!!
I've known Liz since middle school as well!! We were all on the same RED team together!! This picture was also taken five years ago!!!

One thought on “30 Days of Pictures… Day 2

  1. This is how much I don’t check fb…I didn’t see this. I can’t believe it has been 15 years 🙂 I truly cherish your friendship. It meant so much that you were able to be here for my bridal shower 🙂 Love you, Ter!

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