Prayers Welcomed…

a flyer that has a blood splatter and a cross for Good Friday
Please join us in praying for this service!!

So I need some people who can come together in agreement with me and thank the Lord for two things!!! The first thing is our (Bridge Church) Good Friday service that will be held tomorrow at 7pm… This will be our first public meeting and we are so excited and ready!! Please give thanks to the Lord for all the people who will be in attendance and for all the lives that will surely be changed during this time! Thank Him for the miracles that will be done and the team that will be formed. It’s been a bumpy ride these past few months so we are thankful to have this opportunity to impact our city for Jesus!!

The second thing would be thanks for a second interview that I have today at about 5:30pm eastern standard time. Ever since I stopped working at the local grocery store I have been waiting on God to direct my path on what it is that He wants me to be doing while bettering myself as a wife. But plain and simple I WANT THIS JOB!! I want this job even more than I wanted the National Parks job back in September… because it’s everything I like to do and I know that I can do…

It’s an administrative assistant job where I would keep a calendar and update social media; did I mention that it’s for an event planner… HELLOOOOOO!!! yeah I know…  HOWEVER even though I WANT THIS JOB, I WANT WHAT GOD WANTS FOR ME MORE! And if that means I get to continue my stay at home wife job full-time then so be it because I love this job too!!! So if you could just give thanks to the Lord for allowing me to have such a wonderful opportunity to find a job that I know that I can do in a field that I equally enjoy that would be very much appreciated. Regardless of the outcome I want to thank Jesus for showing me that it is still possible to do what I fully enjoy without compromising and I simply need your help in giving thanks!!! And I’ll be sure to let you all know how both events turned out!

3 thoughts on “Prayers Welcomed…

  1. I’m so happy God likes to give good gifts so I’m going to pray that he gives you the good gift of this job you want! Good luck and keep me posted on how it goes!

    • thank you so much for your prayers I haven’t heard anything back as of today (Monday night) but hopefully I’ll hear something soon!!! I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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