Words From A Wife: Meet Veronica

Like I said last week, I have begun to interview different wives so that I can learn from them and so that maybe you can learn something too… This particular person has become like a sister to me. We met while serving together in our church and we instantly connected! We always looked forward to serving together and there was always something to talk about…

We definitely grew together during this time. We also were in the same bible study group together but the moment that solidified we’d be in each others lives forever was when we went on a mission trip together; ten days really will change your life!

Meet Veronica….

A woman in a pink jersey
I absolutely love this woman!

She’s genuine and generous two traits that are hard to find in a person and I am so honored to have her as a friend, sister, and confidant. I’ve learned so much from her and I know that you will be able to take away something from her too. Here is how she answered my questions…

How long have you been married? 10 1/2 YEARS
Were your or are your parents married? Currently married for 29 years
What did you learn from your parents that you use in your own marriage? Stick it out!!! No problem, circumstance, situation worthy of divorce.
What’s your secret to being married? Putting my husbands needs before my own (and yes, I’m happier than ever)
How do you learn to compromise as a wife? How do you and your spouse learn to compromise? The revelation that God uses my spouse to speak to me whether it be truth, wisdom, affirmation, etc. meaning that in the moment I may not agree with a decision, but I respect him as the head of household. There will be times when he gets it wrong but it is not my job to condemn, rather I allow myself to be the soft place he falls.

What was the best advice you’ve ever received? Divorce is not an option.

What was your life like when you first got married? Selfish..I was only interested in having my needs met and was highly disappointed ALL the time!! I was VERY young (19) and clueless about marriage or what it mean to be one with someone else
What makes you a wife? I’m a female who honors the covenant of marriage I made to my husband before God.

Have you ever considered being a wife as a full-time occupation? I believe just as you’re a stay-at-home mom, you too can be a full-time wife. That comes with the expectation though that you are truly working on becoming the wife God created you to be. I also think it’s seasonal. You continue to work on becoming an excellent wife for the rest of forever, however, you don’t need to stay home to do it. God will call you to be home during the times he sees fit. Staying home to hone in on those skills is an excellent way to start the journey because it limits distractions and you can spend time in the word freely to study what it means to be an excellent wife, but I think you’d be limiting your potential if you don’t allow God to use you in other areas.
What are your expectations as a wife? I expect respect. Everything else is bonus.

Does societies portrayal of a wife line up with what you do? Absolutely not. Society and the world are so caught up with feminist views. They’re ignorant to the roles created by God for women. Submission in the world view has a negative connotation when in fact submission to your husband is actual surrender to Lordship! Have you ever read any books on being a wife and if so what were they? The Excellent Wife is the only book I’ve read on being a wife. It was enough for me…It completely changed my way of thinking, my life, and my marriage.

Thank you everyone for continuing with me on this journey and thank you Veronica for taking the time to answer my questions and for sharing a piece of yourself with me and my readers. Until next time, blessings to you!

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