Words From A Wife: Meet Lorneth

In my quest to find out what a wife is I decided to come up with questions to ask other wives in order to gain insight from them. Hopefully you will learn just as much as I did from each wife featured. In the future I plan on asking these questions and other questions to many more wives because you can never learn too much and thereby making this a reoccurring topic on my blog.  So without further ado meet Lorneth.

A beautiful black woman with big gorgeous natural hair
This is a wife with many talents and so much passion!

Lorneth is a friend that I met while working at the local pregnancy center in Clarksville. We instantly clicked and have known each other for a little more than a year. She is simply gorgeous and passionate about everything that she does. Here is how she answered my questions…

 How long have you been married? Almost 5 years. Were your or are your parents married? yes. What did you learn from your parents that you use in your own marriage? Unconditional love. What’s your secret to being married? patience and forgiveness. How do you learn to compromise as a wife? How do you and your spouse learn to compromise? If something is really important to my husband, I will compromise my stance. If it is something that requires more time than I can offer, I will not compromise. What was the best advice you’ve ever received? Whatever you start doing at the beginning of the marriage your husband will always expect.

What was your life like when you first got married? Frustrating, because I am very independent but as a married woman, any decision I make affects my husband so I have to be aware of that fact. What makes you a wife? I am my husband’s help mate. Meaning, I am the first line of defense in his life. Have you ever considered being a wife as a full-time occupation? Yes, but my personality will not work with that set up.

What are your expectations as a wife? To do everything!!!!! Well, at least to cook, clean, balance the checkbook take care of kids and be ready for sex after a long day. Does societies portrayal of a wife line up with what you do? Yes. Have you ever read any books on being a wife and if so what were they? I have read articles in the past and listen to programs on being a Godly wife, but I have never read a book.

Thank you Lorneth for taking the time to answer my questions and thank you readers and subscribers for joining me in my quest to becoming a better wife. I really do appreciate it. Until next time blessings to you!

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