From Dreaded to Celebrated!

I just want to take this moment and praise God!!! Today started off not so good simply because today’s date is a date that I’ve been trying to forget for many years now… up until this point today’s date was attached to a man I once loved… today is his birthday although I have no idea what age he would be I still know that today is his birthday and I absolutely dreaded the fact that I remembered… (darn my memory)!

I was disappointed because there wasn’t even anything else that could replace the memory, I thought to myself even if today was someone’s birthday then at least today’s date could be celebrated! I had some time with Jesus and thanked Him for bringing me this far because who knows what my life would have been like. I have grown and matured so much since this date meant anything to me… I am astonished really, and grateful.

And then it happened… I got on to Facebook and saw that today is the birth day of a dear friend whom I met maybe just over a year ago in a Bible study group! Imagine my delight when I found out today is her birthday!!! The date that I dreaded could now be celebrated!!

Happy Birthday LaNette!!!

This woman is truly someone who I care about and quite frankly admire and hold in very high regard!!! She’s everything that I have ever wanted to be! She defines success by what God says and not by what society says and she’s happy where she is in her life!! I’m sure it’s taken some work to get to this place in her life (I’m sure she’d tell you that) but it’s still a place I want to be at the end of the day!

Thank you Jesus for taking this date from dreaded to celebrated!!! Thank you for reminding me where I’ve come from and who I use to be and how I’M NOT THE SAME PERSON I ONCE WAS, I definitely would not be where I am without you or know where I am going! Thank you Thank you Thank you and Thank you Jesus for bringing LaNette into my life and giving me the example in her that I’ve always wanted! Amen!!! Happy Birthday LaNette I love you more than you’ll ever know!

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