I’ve Moved…

Yeah I know it’s no big secret to most everyone but it’s a big deal to me and this is my blog so I can write about anything I want…

I finally decided to change my Facebook information to show that I now live in Miami, Florida even though I’ve technically lived here since November. Why wait so long you ask? Well simply put; I was in denial.

I don’t think that I was ready to admit that I no longer have a house to live in or that I left all my friends behind and all the things I thought I’d be doing right now will never happen… That reality is hard to swallow so for the last four months I’ve been fighting it to no avail because here I am still in Miami not going anywhere.

Since I realized that I wasn’t going back I decided I had better get to liking this place thereby coming to the conclusion that I needed to update my Facebook. After all how am I going to change this city if I don’t want to be here? I can’t!

So although I’ve moved it’s for the best because God doesn’t make mistakes and I have lives to touch and transform!

Thanks for putting up with my mini rant.

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