Outfit Of The Day: I Decorated Myself!

Okay so my outfit of the day was a spur of the moment idea that I got from a really awesome blogger who goes by the name of bargaindiva! In her blog she said that we should take time to decorate ourselves with those pieces that we have been saving for a special occasion just because we were special enough… you can check out her actual blog here.

a woman in multiple colors orange top, fuchsia bottom yellow earrings purple glasses
I could get use to this...

So with her help and a little bit of creativity on my part I decided I would wear my new boots today even though I am not going anywhere and I have been cleaning the house.  I decided to pair my new combat boots (from ninewest) with some fuchsia colored tights, an awesome bright orange tank, yellow earrings and just for an extra add of color I decided to keep my purple glasses on. I guess you can call this my experiment with color blocking…

woman in multiple colors, orange, fuchsia, yellow, purple
could I leave my house in this?

So what do you think??? Could I wear this look outside? Or is it best that I keep this within the confines of my home?

2 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day: I Decorated Myself!

  1. I love your boots and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your glasses! You look so happy that you just shine in that outfit! Your outfit makes me ready for summer and the beach!

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