Working Some Things Out…

A book cover titled the excellent wife
Who I'm trying to be...

As part of my education into become a better wife I am reading a book titled THE EXCELLENT WIFE by Martha Peace. It is very informative… and she has introduced a concept of glorifying you husband… (not as an idol or anything) that I am currently pondering and she has given a few examples…

Surprisingly enough I am doing quite a few of these things already things like not slandering him to others, praying for him, saying things to build him up, and getting along with his family.

On the other hand, there are some that I am not doing and never even thought to do. Things like asking my husband what his goals for the week are and how I can help him accomplish those goals? Asking him if there is anything that I can do differently that would make things easier for him… I mean I guess these things are just common courtesy really but I have never once thought to ask him any of these questions!

But the one thing that has got me feeling horrible is this:

Do whatever I can in order to make him look good, to accomplish his goals. Things like running errands for him, and organize my day to be available to help him with his projects.

I guess I am feeling extra horrible because my husband gets overwhelmed and has been clearly over his head on many occasions and I just let him drown in a sea of things-to-do… and never really once willingly helped him… I have never attempted to take the burden from him or even help carry the burden… some help mate right!

Well that’s exactly why I am here doing what I am doing and attempting to learn so that years from now when our children are growing before our very eyes, I will have become the wife my husband needs me to be.

What about you? How are you doing in this area? What are some things that you need to work on? Can you work on them this week with me?

2 thoughts on “Working Some Things Out…

  1. Terri…don’t be so hard on yourself….the fact that you care, that you are working on this, that you have taken on this ‘project’ speaks volumes! Plus, you can go forward from here!

    I have read that book, it is good! You hang in there and don’t believe the evil one’s lies! Your hubby is a blessed man!

    Love you, dear one!

  2. What a gracious God we have-so rich in mercy and grace and every other good thing we need to be good disciples of Jesus! It is good to examine ourselves, the Scriptures call for us to do so. And then, it is great to repent for the things we’ve done poorly or wrong, and then walk forward in holiness, doing and living out the things the Lord is revealing to us as we go through our lives. The Excellent Wife is an Excellent book 🙂 May it be a blessing to you and may you be a fountain through which those blessings spill onto others, starting with your husband and children (if you have them) and then onward and outward from there 🙂 God bless you!


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