My Style Staple: Combat Boots


The boots that I ordered over two weeks ago are finally here! Although they have been one of the hottest trends for last year they don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon so I was stoked when I found them on sale!!

After all that was the one reason why I hadn’t bought them while they were on trend! It was a wonderful 70% off sale so I ended up paying less than $50.00 for them! They didn’t have anymore in the store but I was able to order them online from the store and have them shipped to my house with no extra cost! With customer service like that I’ll always be a fan of the company!!

These combat boots are from nine west and they are a dark sienna and olive color they have a cute folded flap which will be the only way I wear them (the other way I’m afraid is still too army for me) and I am super excited to pair these lovely boots with a fabulous dress and some sparkles!! I look forward to all the different outfits I can put together with these lovelies and maybe I’ll find a style I’d be comfortable to call my own in the process!!

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