I’m A Pretty Brown Girl

My eyes are dark like tootsie rolls, my hair crinkles when wet, my face is a shade of brown I haven’t figured out just yet.

My lips are full, my smile is big, I don’t have many curves I’m shaped kinda like a twig.

I love to read and write

I love fashion and dreaming

I love windy days and star-gazing.

I have many layers to who I am and discovering them is better than any life plan. My husband would agree that I am better when I am naturally; just me.

I am a lover of people, a giver of myself, a child of God, a friend to all a wife to one.

But before all of this I was and still am a pretty brown girl.

A woman in a bright red dress with multi-colored flowers on it!
I'm A Pretty Brown Girl!!!

I wrote this original poem specifically for today to celebrate the first National Pretty Brown Girl Day!!! and maybe next year I’ll be able to celebrate with some friends!!! If you are interested in learning more about the pretty brown girl movement go here to check it out and see what you can do!!!

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