Mission Trips Are Not Just Overseas…

What do you think about when you hear the words mission trip… Go ahead and think; I’ll wait…

Did you think about a third world country? Did you think about sleeping in shabby tin roofed hotels? Or having to use the bathroom in a modern day outhouse? If I said that a mission trip doesn’t have to be just overseas would you believe me? Well, it’s true. Mission trips take place all over the world to include in the United States or your own local areas.

For most of this week the Bridge Church team here in Miami, Florida has been encouraged by a few friends from Bethel Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee who decided to come down for a short mission trip to encourage us.

Let me just say that I feel just as grateful for their arrival as I’m sure someone in another country feels gratitude upon a missionary’s arrival. It has been a pure delight to have great friends in our midst who can encourage us to keep fighting and who can see the harvest and see that we are making an impact even if we can’t see it.

It’s been refreshing to hear someone else tell us that we’re not crazy for leaving everything behind to obey Jesus because this is exactly where we’re suppose to be. Because I know at least for me I was beginning to think those very thoughts.

Too many days alone will make anyone a bit reflective. And not that we are alone I mean there is a team here (however small it may be) but having someone whose apart of the spiritual family come and visit has been a blessing, and a comfort. It’s allowed us to relax just a bit more and let our guard down; all while working to impact this city for Jesus!

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to observe the team in action. We went out to the Miami Christian School where God has given us great favor! The team spoke to a class about our partner organization Stop Child Trafficking Now (or SCTNow).

The students had been learning about how human trafficking happens everywhere and how they need to always be aware of where they are and who they talk to. There was even a student led presentation before the team spoke.

As the team spoke the room got quiet and all eyes where on the given speaker. The students quickly realized that this was in fact happening right in their own back yards, in their city. They were challenged to raise awareness, to raise support and to pick up this life changing cause.

Once the class was over the team went into the empty gym to pray for the students at the school and for the continued progress of both Bridge Church and Bethel Community Church in order to make an impact on this city!

Then came lunch for the students that’s when the the team was able to really share their stories with the students who chose to participate in the discipleship group led by Pastor Fikri Youssef of Bridge Church.

While they had a captive audience Pastor Lance Phillips of Bethel Community Church and Pastor David Fischer missionary to Austin Peay State University and leader at Bethel told each student the importance of meeting in a group and how life transforming it could be.

They encouraged the students to seek to learn from men and women of truth who could link up with them and show them what it means to be true men and women of God.

The team then went to talk with the baseball team which was none other than a boys only meeting so I decided the best thing for me to do was leave. However I am sure the team knocked it out of the park!

This has been such an incredible week of refreshment and encouragement and I am so happy to be part of the church planting team that received it! So the next time you think you can’t go on a mission trip think again because in reality a mission trip is only a city, or state away!







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