Seafood For Dinner


So the local grocery store that I am working at had a wonderful sale on seafood items so I decided to live a little and purchase a few for dinner…

Mind you I don’t really eat seafood nor do I know how to cook it… But thankfully Google and YouTube came to my rescue… There I learned how to peel and devein shrimp, make shrimp scampi as well as how to boil a lobster tail so that it’s all edible!!!

Now before anyone starts jumping to conclusions it was all on sale and with my discount from the store I was able to purchase said items (1 lobster tail 1 pound of shrimp) for less than $10. Talk about eating good on a budget…

Dinner worked out perfectly and William absolutely loved it… I paired the dinner with wild brown rice and broccoli and besides the whole peeling and cleaning process of the shrimp I would say that from cooking time to on plate distribution the whole meal took about 15-20 mins to cook… Always a winner for busy nights like tonight… (we have Bible study on Wednesday nights).

I’m just so excited that I have learned how to make two new items that aren’t all that time consuming…even if they are a little but pricey… So what did you have for dinner tonight?

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