Today Is Not Just The Start of Black History Month…

nor is it only the beginning of the love month but today is also my mother’s birthday!!! No she’s not dead or dying in fact she is alive and well she’s just across the country… literally!!! I’m in Miami, Florida and she’s in Phoenix, Arizona!!! But just because we can’t be together this year doesn’t mean I still can’t celebrate today being her birthday!!!

mother and daughter on daugther's wedding day
me and my mom on my wedding day, the last decent picture we took!!

I haven’t been home for her birthday in years!!! Probably like six years now… and although every year I send her something for her birthday I’m tired of hearing her excitement over the phone!!! I can tell she’s holding back tears as am I… and it’s time for something different…

So I have decided that next year for her birthday we will be together!!! The question is where exactly should we be??? Do you have any suggestions? There are so many places my mom and I have never been… I want her to have fun, and I want lots of memories to be made, but I also want it to be a vacation for her as well… so where should I take my mom for her birthday??? Let me know where you’ve taken your mother in the past!!! I have a year to plan it and I want it to be special!!! Happy Birthday again mom!!! I Love You!!!

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