Thank God for Facebook

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True Friends Always Stick Together!!

I know that some people may think to say this is blaspheme however I really am thankful to have the modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with great friends in different states!!! Today I was able to chat with my best friend Valerie (in N.C.) and we got to talk and share and laugh together about The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl from YouTube!!! It is a super hilarious ADULT show that is definitely me and Val all the way. You can check out the show here. I was also able to talk with my other best friend Jennifer (in R.I.) for a quick pick me up and we were all able to talk simultaneously to each other for a wonderful experience…

Together we are planning some great things and I am super excited about them… and I know that this could have never happened without Facebook so today I am most thankful for it… because for about two hours I got to have a wonderful conversation with friends about things that we care about, and it was like we were actually in the same room… I was laughing out loud and everything! For a brief moment I could see their faces and hear their laugh and almost touch them… and it made my day that much better!!!

True friendship is hard to find but those two ladies have been with me from the beginning of my adult life, and that’s saying a lot,  they’ve seen me through two engagements, piercings, tattoos, bad days, army life, school days, birthdays, many a hookups, countless heart breaks, pre and post Jesus, one wedding, and now this crazy move to Miami… they have been my support system and my biggest fans and I really wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them!! I know it sounds so clichéd but it’s the truth. They are every part of me that I can’t always be!! And today I had a chance to visit with them.

God knows exactly what we need even if we don’t… I had no idea that sitting at the computer on Facebook chatting with two friends would bless me so much! But He knew that being in fellowship with my best friends was exactly what my heart needed!!! It definitely fed my soul and allowed me to have a certain pep in my step and a joy in my heart that I haven’t necessarily had. And for that I am thankful!

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