Christian Women + Girls Night Out = ???

Is it possible to have a girls night and be a Christian? I’m asking this because I feel like I haven’t ever had one before… well at least not the ones where you dress up and go out…like everyone is dressed up not just you… I only ever really see this type of girls night out demonstrated by those who are either non-believers or new believers… but can a group of mature Christian women go out and get dressed up and have a good time… maybe even get together for drinks if they so chose?

eight lovely women dressed up and out on the town
Can mature Christian woman have a girls night out??

I know that I had a few moments before I became a believer where I went out yet we hadn’t quite met our matures selves just yet so we were a little less covered, a little less classy… then I became a believer and pretty much every get together included jeans and flip-flops… either worn by me or other women in attendance… maybe this happened because of where I came into maturity (Tennessee) or maybe it just happened because mature Christian women don’t do such things… I have no idea…

please don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy wearing my jeans and flip-flops, but every once in a while when there’s a get together with women I’d love to get all dressed up in my best put some heels on and maybe even some make-up and go have fun and not be the one person that’s over-dressed!!! It doesn’t have to be anything more than what we were planning on doing whether that be out to dinner, or the movies, or if we decide to go and check out the latest museum or even just getting coffee…it doesn’t matter!!

I’m asking this question because I have a yearning for a night like this… where I and a few girl friends get all decked out and go have fun… I mean I know it’s not a sin as long as I’m not sinning but I wouldn’t want to start an uproar either… Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you as a Christian woman have a girls night out where you get all dressed up?

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