Work Update

So it’s officially been a week since I started this grand adventure as a meat department clerk… and really I can’t  believe that I made it…cause I wanted to quit after the very first day. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like certain textures of food, I’m not too crazy about seafood, and I’m not to keen on calling the innards of animals food … well Jesus in His infinite wisdom has seen fit that I work here so that I can get over some of those things…

In the week that I have worked in the meat department I have touched a veal liver (two of them actually) and wrapped it up all while smiling (and trying not to vomit) for a customer, I have tried some smoked fished dip (which is a best seller at the store); however I thought it needed more salt… I have had fish water in my mouth (I wanted to disinfect my mouth but thought I’d die of the chemical ingestion), I’ve cracked a snow crab claw, I have taken the skin off of a piece of fish (won’t be doing that again), and I have seen more parts of the lamb then I ever cared too… their little hoof, paw, foot pad thing really does look like it should be on a whole animal that’s grazing in a field somewhere; out of all of the things that I’ve come in contact with; seeing that little hoof, paw, foot pad thing really traumatized me the most… I kept wondering where the little lamb was… oh and I called a piece of fish a person… that was a little awkward… and did I mention that I come home smelling like uncooked meat!!

I haven’t even begun to mention the people who I work with yet!!! They are the best part of my job hands down… they are super helpful, nice, and funny… they don’t mind explaining things to me and showing me a better way to do things… and most of them are really curious to find out about the church that brought us to Miami… It’s a completely different dynamic than I’ve been around for the last couple of years…

Matter of fact it is highly reminiscent of my military days… there are more men than women and you can tell… but that’s what I love about it… the guys have their jokes, and it really does remind me of all the great friends I’ve had in the military… most of them where guys… and surprisingly enough the women are pretty awesome!!! No crazy drama, or jealousy, or anything like that… I am super grateful to work in a place where everyone gets along great and actually like each other…

And above all else, I get to introduce them to Jesus in all that I do… even by simply saying things like “thank you,” and “I appreciate all the help,” I mean really showing my gratitude to them. I have even begun to ask them about their lives (although you can’t really ask too much when there are customers) I still know a lot about the people who I work with… I can’t wait to invite them over for dinner or out to lunch or bring them a little something for their birthday!!! Oh I can’t wait!!! Jesus has something special for each one of them and I get to play a part in Him revealing it to them!! What a privilege and an honor…

The next time you past your local meat department or go into your freezer to begin cooking some meat please say a prayer for me, not so that I would make it through the day (although that helps) but so that I can impact the people who I work with, with the love of Jesus and the knowledge of who He is in their lives!!!

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