God is Transforming Lives!

I found out a couple of days ago that God is indeed moving on my families behalf!! My younger sister will be getting baptized today!!! I am simply overjoyed to know that my sister will one day be in Heaven with me… I also found out that same day that my niece and nephew cannot get enough of Jesus and that my aunt has decided to become a member of my grandmother’s church!!! Did I mention that my cousin who just so happens to be my absolute best friend is partaking in a month-long fast to get closer to God and my mother just moved to a place where there’s a church down the street from where she lives. God is definitely transforming lives and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

a red heart with the word gratitude
My heart swells with gratitude towards the Lord

ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD!! Each of these people have been on my prayer list ever since I got saved some four years ago!!! So I just want to encourage all of you who have people in your life that you are praying for… DON”T GIVE UP!! God hears your prayers!

I always felt so bad because when I was saved I was 3,000 miles away from my family; with no real way to show them my transformed life. So my prayer for my family became, “God surround them with genuine people who know Jesus and have a relationship with Him and who can show them the true way to live.” He heard my cries and my prayers and has shown Himself to my immediate family members and I couldn’t be more grateful!! God is good indeed!!!

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