Meat or Seafood Anyone??

You are looking at the newest addition to The Fresh Market Team!!! I am so excited to let everyone know that I GOT A JOB!!! GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  I will be working as a meat and seafood clerk!!! It’s something I never thought about doing before in a field that I least expected but I am excited nonetheless!!!

fresh meat and seafoodAll I know so far is that I get a white coat, shoe covers, and a hat, OH and I can wear jeans!!! I never thought that I would miss working as much as I have and even though I might regret saying that once I start I am still grateful for the opportunity to work!!!

It has definitely been a struggle for me since before I left Clarksville to not have had a job waiting for me here in Miami so I am nothing but ecstatic about it!! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been praying for me to find a job. I’ve appreciated it. So when you all come to visit I will definitely be asking if you’d like meat or seafood for dinner.

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