Chew On This: Matthew 6:33

I don’t know if you all noticed that I added a “word of the week” section to my blog… well if you didn’t that’s okay because I realized three things after a week of looking at it. #1 I don’t like how it looks on my blog #2 I am not really held accountable for memorizing it and #3 If it’s a different word every week I have to keep it updated… even if I didn’t memorize it within the week. Granted I feel comfortable with saying that I memorized this particular verse but have I really thought about it… not really…

I want the verse that God gives me to think about to become apart of my every day life. I want people on Facebook and Twitter to ask me how it’s going on my memorization and maybe even thoughts about the specific verse… I want you my readers to hold me accountable and maybe even join with me…Therefore I will be making a blog post about the verses that I am chewing on whether it be for a week or a month…

This particular verse showed up in two different books I am reading… one being on marriage and the other being on prayer… and I read them within the same week… so I decided to set out to memorize and chew on it… that’s where the “word of the week” idea came from (for those of you that missed it, it was on the top right of the sidebar). The verse is

Matthew 6:33 and It says, Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I was very much intrigued that this seemingly simple verse had so much to do about marriage as it did about prayer. It’s definitely an important piece of the puzzle that everyone should have… and now I do.

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