2011 Reflections

2011 text in purple and blue

As the few minutes of 2011 tick by I have thought about what a whirl wind this year has been. There has been so much change quite frankly I’m changed out… I just want to get settled and be here for sometime… Now I don’t know if that will happen because Jesus will be Jesus and He is in control… But 2011 has taken us from Clarksville to Miami, from student to graduate, from full-time workers to full-time missionaries and from house owners to apartment renters…

We’ve said goodbye to many friends and our seemingly daily routine and I realized that I truly value family and friends especially our quiet times together. The times where you get to grow and learn from each other. I learned that I can change and still live through it. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t matter how far you are; a friend is a friend and keeping in touch is all that matters.

I have also learned that I have two completely different audiences… one who cares about my natural hair and one who cares about what we are doing here in Miami… two completely different audiences but I am up for the challenge. I started this blog as my new years resolution and people have responded… I aim to take my blog to the next level during 2012. I don’t quite know what that means or what that will look like but I have a few ideas. 2011 has truly been a roller coaster ride, many highs and lows and I am looking forward to getting into the grand adventure that 2012 will bring. Happy New Year! See you all more in the coming year!



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