Christmas Reflections

This Christmas I saw less drama filled status updates on Facebook and more thankful, happy, grateful status updates and I came to the conclusion that if everyone lived everyday like it was Christmas they might actually be better off. Now even though I know that Jesus is why I celebrate Christmas some people still relate Christmas to stuff… And in that sense of the season I’m not talking.

Instead I’m talking about the love, family-sharing, making memories, friend-gathering, food, cookie-making, traditions that make us all warm and fuzzy inside. Those moments that are filled with Jesus’ love whether or not you acknowledge Him. I mean if everyone just waits until Christmas to make memories and show love and get together it’s really no wonder why people are the way they are, tired, depressed, lonely, burdened, hard, etc, etc, fill in the blank.

This Christmas was very different from previous years for me and my husband. For starters we’re in a new state and hardly know anyone, we’re missing home and lost a friend suddenly. But we still managed to keep the main thing the main thing and rejoice in our dear Saviors birth!

We definitely had a wake up call and realized that life is short and our days really aren’t promised to us. I know that it really puts the small things into perspective and our “big” things in their place. And as the nine people in our church came together and worshipped Jesus on His birthday His presence washed over me and I knew that in that moment He delighted in us. It didn’t matter that there were just a few of us or that we messed up the very next line of the song, all that mattered was that our hearts were right and pure in his sight.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Christmas can be filled with all kinds of traditions, and experiences but at the end of the day if you haven’t acknowledged who it is we’re celebrating you haven’t fully comprehended the greatness of His love! And that can leave you unsatisfied and longing for more.

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