a person putting change in a parking meter

Miami Moment #2: Parking Overload

Okay so I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and I wish I could say that this place is growing on me and I know how to get around town just fine… maybe in the next update I will have made some head way on that… but anyway I have a few more random observations I’d like to share so here they go…

A woman and child in front of a ginger bread man
I like gingerbread cookies...

#1 People are really festive here. I don’t know why I thought they wouldn’t be maybe because we’re in the city but that really doesn’t change the overall feeling of the season. Now of course most people here could probably care less about Jesus and Christmas reflecting His birth and our ultimate redemption… but nonetheless they are festive. I’ve seen many houses decorated and they even had a tree-lighting ceremony festival where all the games for the kids where free!

#2 The awful stench that comes with living in the city. I mean I complained about the random skunk smell in the country but the smell that comes with a city that is seemingly always moving is different, and very potent. my poor sensitive nostrils have had their fill… I’m trying to get use to it but I don’t know that I will…

#3 People aren’t as horrible as I imagined they’d be. In fact there are people that are down right kind… who knew… I’ve noticed that most everyone I’ve come in contact with is willing to listen and be listened to and ultimately they just want to connect…

a person putting change in a parking meter
I'm so over paying for parking!

#4 YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PARK ALMOST ANYWHERE!!! I mean really its quite overwhelming… It’s almost like you need a job just to pay for parking!!! I have gotten so overwhelmed with having to pay for parking in these last few weeks that I am on a search to find places that have free parking! At this point the shops I go to are limited to free parking places only… because if not I’d be hurting… I surely understand why people bike, walk and use public transportation, it’s to avoid having to fight for a place to park that you will have to pay for anyway!!! I don’t think I was ready for this… No in fact I know I wasn’t ready for this… someone should have warned me…

So there you have it… my Miami Moment for now…

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