Hairstyle Request: Shingle Method

Okay so after I posted that I finally used the shingle method on my hair you can read that post here I had a request for the instructions so instead of just replying to that comment I just decided to create a post for the instructions… so here they go…

#1 I separated my hair into eight sections, two in the back, one in the middle back, two on the top of my crown, one on each side and one in the front for my bangs.  Just an FYI my hair was not combed out and was in a big puff ball that day.

#2 I wet each section with water from my spray bottle (not too much as I was going to bed right after). I also used a diluted conditioner (Hawaiian Silky with water and a bit of EVOO).

#3 As I wet and conditioned each section I two strand twisted each section Then put my satin bonnet on and went to bed. This took me about 20-30 minutes.

#4 The next morning I started in the back and worked my way up. I proceeded to spray each twist with water and rubbed some organic coconut oil on the twist before untwisting once I untwisted each twist I applied Eco Styler Gel on each tendril.

#5 I continued these steps until I was finished with my whole head and let each section air dry. This took me an hour to complete.

So there you have it. That is my shingle method. I hope it both works and helps you with the look you desire to achieve. Good Luck.

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