Miami Moment #1: Reflections of a New Girl

As you all may have figured out by now we have successfully moved to Miami… now that we’ve been here for just over a week I decided that I would share with you all some of the observations that I have made in this short time. Of course these are not in any particular order of importance just pretty much how I remembered them… so here it goes…

#1 All of the women dress up that’s right, even their “laundry day” clothes are cute, or at least have cute shoes, bags, and accessories to go with them. I am definitely going to have to bring my big city fashionista out of sleep-mode and step my game up for this place…

#2 Most of the women wear high heels once again I say that’s right high heels! and if they are not high heels they are super cute flats and sandals alike… no Wal-Mart flip-flops allowed… truthfully I don’t know if I am ready for my feet to constantly be hurting…

#3 Everyone has manners YEP I have become innately aware of my lack of manners and etiquette since I have been down here… I have seen everything from using a fork and a knife to eat an empanada to eating a chicken sandwich… are you kidding me those are finger foods where I come from… how about you pick them up and stop being hungry!!!

#4 While driving, people are seriously impatient if you look down to change the radio station and the light turned green in that nano-second you will hear horns and maybe even curse words… I am not quite use to that yet but am working on it…

#5 People and places stay open/work past 5:00 Can you believe it… I called to get our water turned on and they told me that the person would be at the house between 3 pm and 12 midnight!!! Luckily for me they came within the hour… but really… and we can actually go out at 8pm and find something well actually a lot of somethings to do… Go figure…

So yeah those are my observations of my new home town (although I don’t claim it just yet on Facebook or twitter)… Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can get use to this place quicker? I’d love to hear them…

2 thoughts on “Miami Moment #1: Reflections of a New Girl

  1. Have nothing to offer by way of Miami but it sure does sound like it’s a big city, like Manila, which I miss. (Nothing compares to the energy of a big city! And yes, I honk at drivers who don’t move as soon as the light turns green!) And lemme guess, unlike Nashville, places are open on Sunday in Miami. Took me some time to get used to that about Nash. Have been told that’s characteristic of livin’ in the south!

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