It all started with a turkey…

that’s right, William and I were in a local Starbucks relaxing trying to settle on a couch to purchase when all of a sudden we were asked if we wanted a free turkey that was given to someone by a local church even though they weren’t going to eat it… so since we had been planning a Thanksgiving get together for the plant Miami team we decided to take them up on the offer… well that led to us chatting for a bit and exchanging info…

3 girls a guy and a turkey
The Divine Turkey

A few days later we found ourselves in that very same Starbucks drinking coffee together sharing our lives with each other and sharing what God is doing in our lives. They love Jesus and they were very encouraging. I even found out what I am supposed to be doing in this season of our lives… and the clarity that brought me was definitely worth a cup of coffee! God is good and He is moving me in the direction I need to be going. And I can’t wait to unearth it all to share with you.

One thought on “It all started with a turkey…

  1. How exciting! It’s so cool how God guides footsteps to of all places, a coffee shop where there’s divine fowl waiting to provide a surprise. Can’t wait to see what’s going on!

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