Life’s A-Changin’

Today I walked into the place where I first met Jesus for the last time… I never thought that there’d ever be a day like today… and I know that I can always come back but just like home; it will never be the same! That place is Bethel Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee (if you’re ever in the area go and check it out)!

Today was officially our last Sunday there and we were sent out from the place where we grew up. Our whole life since we were saved has been spent at that church… we met there, were saved there, became disciples there, baptized there, we got married there, and have been called into full-time ministry there! I kind of figured that if we were gonna go into full-time ministry it would be there…not in another place… But God knows best…

I am fully aware that I am no longer the person I use to be. I have been transformed into the woman of God that I am supposed to be. Although I don’t have it all figured out God does! He knows exactly what He’s doing His love IS real and He wants me to share that with the whole world in my own special way… not like anyone else has before… and that’s okay too…

Today is a pivotal moment in my life, it’s the end of something I’ve held dear to my heart and the beginning of something truly God-breathed. Not only was today my last day at my home church, today was my official last day in the United States Army! if you’ve been keeping up with my blog I wrote earlier this year about how I went to my final muster formation which I thought was my final touch with the Army… you can read all about it here. It turns out I actually had until today… which was the day I signed my contract to enter into the delayed entry program exactly 8 years ago!

God has a way of working things out. It’s like He’s closed all these chapters of my life that have been simultaneously opened for years so that I could narrow my focus on this one task at hand: planting a church in Miami, Florida! I’ll be able to touch and help transform lives just like mine was transformed just a few short years ago… I’m overwhelmed by the thought of it all… This is the greatest adventure of my life and it’s going to take me places I’ve never been nor thought I’d ever be and God has known it all along…

He has just allowed me to grow up and be released. We leave in two days to begin walking in the calling God has placed on our lives. We couldn’t have done it without our friends and spiritual family and lots and lots of prayers… as we pray for you please continue to pray for us and our mission to Miami.

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