Church Planting Boot Camp: Day 1

I know that a lot of you may be wondering what this is and in fact so was I…  I still can’t quite put a finger on how to explain it, but the best way that I can try to describe it so far is: a place of preparation for future or current church planters. It’s a place to gather and bounce off of each other a place to support one another and to come along side with and pray for one another and all of the wonderful churches each group represents…

I’ll be apart of the boot camp for the next four days and I’ll be sharing some of my takeaways from each day… so here it goes…

Today the one thing that really stuck with me is the concept of allowing The Gospel to grip your heart DAILY! Yes you read that right; DAILY!!! I know that I think about it at least once a month when we take communion at church for sure and there might be a few other times when I am really sharing my testimony and realize where I would have been if I had never heard The Gospel… but to dig that deep on a DAILY basis well my goodness it’s a new concept; a complete paradigm shift and I am absolutely bought in to this new way of life! I have no idea what it’s going to look like but I know that my relationship with Jesus is about to be catapulted into the next hemisphere and the thought of being that much closer to Jesus brings such a warm smile to my face.

All I know is once I get something into my heart and into my head It is hard for me to shake it…so here I go starting my new way of life one day at a time… I will surely keep you updated on how this one seemingly small decision is affecting my life. Stay tuned…

On the lighter side of things… I also learned more about social media strategies and was super excited. Thelma Bowlen (you can find her website here) came in to speak to us church planters. She shared with us the importance of social media and the role it can play in helping us get our churches out there into the rest of the world or community we are trying to reach. She had a lot of awesome tips and a lot of different tools we could use… it was super informative if you’re into social media that is…

well that was my first day at the Every Nation Church Planting Boot Camp… It was definitely eye-opening and way less scary than I thought it would be. Not to mention I met some really awesome people planting all over the world to include East Nashville, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Canada, South Africa, and Belize… Oh the places I will go!!!

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