Weight Loss Goal Met

I am here to tell you all that I made my weight loss goal and as of right now I am actually a few pounds under my goal weight… I am more than excited I am ecstatic! More than a few people have noticed and made comments that made me realize that I really had done it. I have been on this healthy eating-working out journey since the end of June… I have also been on a protective style challenge since around the same time… and my hair is so much healthier than it was… I think I might continue to do protective styles on a regular basis until I reach my hair goals… but back to my weight loss goals…

I decided this summer that I was simply tired of being tired. I was tired of not being able to do simple every day things like walking up a flight of stairs without being winded. So I finally decided to do something. My ultimate goal was to get back down to the weight that I was at when I got out of the military. And with a lot of work, better eating, and Jillian Michaels for the Wii I did it! Now my goal is to simply maintain this weight.

I know that in order to maintain this weight I will have to continue to work out at least three times a week and remain eating healthy portions as well as eating a healthier variety of food. I’m more motivated now then I have ever been and definitely more aware of what I eat on a regular basis because I don’t want to go back to the way I use to be. I am very aware that it’s a lifestyle change not just a simple goal met.

I guess I just want to encourage those of you who are on a weight loss journey or just a healthy life change to keep at it and to write down your goals and make sure that you can mark your progress.  I would also encourage you to figure out what your motivation behind losing weight is and go from there. I didn’t have that much to lose but it was still a journey of patience, discipline and choices. Only you can decide what your goal is, what it should be and if you are willing to do the work to achieve them. Find what works for you and stick to it. YOU CAN DO IT!

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