Miami: A City In Waiting

I just got back from our week-long trip and my job interview in Miami! I went there not knowing what we were going to encounter. I kept waiting for the heaviness and darkness of the city to overcome me… The first day I simply thought well maybe it’s because we just moved everything and I’m exhausted that I don’t feel anything so I kept waiting for it to hit me.

I thought well surely I’ll feel it on the college campuses, or maybe in little Havana… but still nothing. I went to Miami and it felt like home. I mean it looked like and sounded so much like California I had to remind myself that I was in Florida; thousands of miles away…

More importantly I had to remind myself that Jesus had given me His heart for the city… and that very well may be why I didn’t see the darkness the way everyone else saw it. Instead I saw people who have been waiting; desperate for a savior, for someone to love them, for someone to accept them… and I was overjoyed, and in awe that the Lord would use me, would use my husband; would use us! The people in this city have been waiting for so long for someone anyone to share with them the hope they have in Jesus and some have been waiting for a while for someone to tell them that their hope in Jesus isn’t in vain. That’s why we’re going, that’s why He’s called us to that city!

I felt a sense of sadness when It was time to leave… I felt like I was leaving home and I cannot wait to get back there, so that we can really start engaging the people and the community, the students and the single mothers, the broken, and the confused, the children that need someone to believe in them, we can take this city out of waiting and transform it into a city redeemed.

I know that God has given me a place so much like California as my forever home because this is my chance to transform my city! Now let me just set the record straight, I wasn’t a hoodlum ragamuffin or anything like that, but I wasn’t saved so I wasn’t living for God. Therefore, I never had the chance to tell those around me what life was really all about. But now that I am saved I feel that the Lord is giving me a chance to tell those that I am around the truth about how they are living; in love, showing them the kindness and grace and mercy that the Lord has shown me.

My life will never be the same. I knew it before but now I know it to be true. There are things that God wants me to do and people who He wants me to touch and words that He wants me to speak. I am being sent there for a purpose unlike any I have ever known before. One that’s going to take me outside of my comfort zone but one that will impact lives that much more. There are so many people who I am praying for already and I haven’t even moved yet.

I know it’s going to hurt leaving my friends and family behind. But I’m ready to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit teaching them all the things that God has commanded me. For I have seen the fields and they are ripe for the harvest! Miami will surely become a redeemed city, not because of anything I do but because of what God allows me to do, and how He decides to use me and the rest of the PlantMiami team!


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