Interview Update

As most of you know I had a job interview today and I am so thankful for all the prayers that everyone sent up to the Lord on my behalf. I won’t hear anything I’m guessing for a couple of weeks but once I hear something I will be sure to let you all know… In the mean time please continue to pray for favor and that my name will come out on top so that we can move to Miami sooner than later!!

I arrived a few minutes early, they brought me in to get some water and there I saw the view of the bay, so beautiful to behold in the middle of an office… I don’t think I’ve ever really had an office with a view…  I then went in to the conference room where three other people came in to greet me and the interview started…

The man in charge told me that out of 100 veterans I had made the short list of four possible candidates and that just being there was a huge accomplishment! I was both super excited to know the list was so small and kinda scared to know that the choice would come down to how well I did on the interview compared to the three others…

16 questions they asked me; each person asking me a different question. They asked me what my strengths and weaknesses were and why, what my supervisor would say about me, what kind of budgets and accounts I’ve worked with in the past, what day-to-day office tasks have I performed… they even gave me a scenario that I had to read and react to… It was somewhat overwhelming but I knew that if I stayed truthful about what I can and cannot do that everything would work out just fine…

When the interview was over I was exhausted. All of my adrenaline had drained from my body and I had to sleep… while asleep I or the enemy (I haven’t quite figured out who it was just yet) tried to talk me out of the job… saying stuff like well you really didn’t want that job anyway… and if you don’t get it God’s got something better for you… and things like well maybe God wants me to work somewhere else… When I came to, I thought all of the words I had heard were a dream but nonetheless I stood on the truth that was right before my very eyes…

God only wants the best for me! Regardless of what job I get it will be given to me by God because He knows what’s best for me and He knows who I am going to reach through that job. I also know that God didn’t show me this job for no reason, and all things work together for my good! Ultimately HE is in control and He know’s exactly where I need to be.

And bottom line is I do want that job! I am excited to be there, to learn and be challenged… and the people seem great not to mention everyone was in chill clothes… which means that the most dressing up I’ll probably ever have to do is the day I interviewed–and maybe the occasional luncheon…

God knows my desires, wants and needs and even though something as small as being able to wear jeans may not matter to most, it really is where I want to be… and this place is that! He knows everything right down to the smallest detail! God is good! And my interview went better than I could have ever thought or imagined because during the whole thing God was right beside me… Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “Interview Update

  1. Terri as you already know Jesus have a plan for you, just open your heart and let him lead you. I Love you and miss you. I type this with tears of joy for you and Bill.


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