Time is flying by…

I kinda wish time would just stop if only for a moment!

Time is flying by and I don’t know if I like it! I mean I am super excited to be walking in the plans the Lord has for me but man am I dreading leaving all my friends and family behind.

As I was eating fro-yo from one of my favorite places today (Sweet Berry) with a dear friend I realized that I was trying to stock pile our time together because I knew that time was running out and there would be no more get away hang outs together for quite some time. If you think about it the get away will have to be extensively planned when we are in Miami and that’s hard to do.

I am going to interview for this wonderful God-ordained job position next week (so please be praying) and I know that once I get that job my time here will be even shorter… I am figuring I’ll have about a week to say goodbye to everyone so just get ready and if I ask you if you wanna hang out just know that it’s probably the one and only time we’ll get to see each other before the big move.

God has some great things planned for us I just know it but that doesn’t mean that time is slowing down any! I really don’t know what I am going to do with myself and I hope that I can get out of denial quick enough to properly say farewell to all my friends and family alike! Just pray for me… I know that God will be right beside me comforting me and wiping my tears away, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna hurt any less.

One thought on “Time is flying by…

  1. Always remember, god has plans for us all. It sometimes seems to be sacrifices we never thought we would make, but he WILL provide and you will never be lonely or doubt that you made the right decisions. Go forth, your friends will always be there for you when you need them most! especially with the way you care so much about them 🙂

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