Just the One

Greetings all,

This is Just The One, (I call him J.T.O. for short)  He is in a way God’s promise to me. All of these lovely flowers came from just one seed! I actually planted six, like I did the previous year yet this was the only one that made it… all of the other ones got eaten or choked out… does that sound familiar to anyone (See Matthew 13).

The most remarkable part is because there was only one seed that survived I didn’t take care of it, I didn’t water it nor did I even look at it… I was disappointed that there was only one seed so I just figured it would shrivel and die But God had something else in store! As the seedling started to sprout, I heard God telling me watch and see what I can do with just one seed!!! And what you see is what He has done. I felt Him telling me don’t you think that you can’t make a difference, there are things that I want YOU to do.

So every time I see the flowers that Just The One has bloomed I am in awe and I realize that God is going to use me in a mighty way and that He probably already has but I just don’t know it yet. So I guess what I want to encourage you with my dear readers is don’t think that God can’t use you. No matter what you think you can or can’t do just remember that God is in control of everything and He will guide you in all ways. Stay Blessed.


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