Excitement is in the air…

Today I checked my email and saw that I have moved on to the next phase for a job in Miami!!! It’s not like I got the job yet but I am still excited! All of the jobs that I have been applying for have said that they won’t contact me unless they request an interview or if I meet all of the requirements! So needless to say I am ever so grateful for how God is moving and working things out.

Sometime last week William came across this job seemingly out of the blue and we had two hours to submit all paperwork… and now this… they have contacted me telling me that I have moved on to the next phase and that I am being considered for this position!!! It’s the first response I’ve gotten from any job I’ve applied for so please if you are reading this pray, pray, pray that I get this job so that we can get to Miami and start impacting that city for Christ!

He is moving and I know that He is orchestrating something wonderful… If nothing else there is a company out there that deems my skills and talents valuable enough to consider me… I have struggled with seeing the value in my talents and skills and this was the encouragement that I needed to know that I do in fact have something to bring to the table! I will definitely keep you all updated on the outcome! Until then I will be praising the Lord for His provision!!!

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