He opened my eyes

God has opened my eyes to so many things since I’ve been saved. He’s even allowed me to see the times that He has kept me before I gave my life to Him. The last couple of days He opened my eyes and let me see all the little things around me. It wasn’t anything super spiritual or anything but just the fact that he cared enough to show me was wonderful. God has shown me just how great it feels to make someone else happy.

He has also allowed me to feel his presence in the room and see things that people don’t realize I see and pray for those people concerning those said things. It is really quite amazing when I think about it. All this time I thought that every one saw what I saw and He has been telling me lately, “No because this is something I want only you to see because I know you’ll do the right thing once you see it.” I could not be more floored, overwhelmed and honored all at the same time that he’d let me see the things that I get to see.

I really have to listen to him more and pay attention and try not to miss the opportunity to speak when he tells me to because sometimes what I see, is the key that someone else has been missing. That crazy feeling of regret has rushed over me all of a sudden because I know that I was supposed to say something to a stranger yesterday and didn’t… and now my mind is racing with ways I could try to fix the situation but instead its a moment lost until maybe next time… it’s just that when I get something seemingly easy to say I sometimes think it’s me but it really is God making it that easy for me so that I can encourage others with what it is that He’s shown me…I finally get it! See He’s opened my eyes again even as I write this very blog…

God is so real, It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone could do life without him… I’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good and I will not be silent because blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!!! Everyone has got to know just how wonderful life with God is!! I guess that’s why I am going to Miami…

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