Mother-Daughter Tea

Hello friends,

a flyer for an event

I just want to invite all of the 3rd annual Mother-Daughter Tea brought to you by the Hope Pregnancy Center in Clarksville Tn. It will be on August 13th at the First Baptist Church from 2-4! It is not just for mothers and daughters but for aunts, grandmothers, family friends, etc! So if you have a friend who happens to be a woman bring her. No, seriously if you are two women who want to come to this event then please do attend. You can be two sisters, or two best friends it doesn’t matter as long as you are all women. All you have to do is go to and register. Tickets are only $15 and you can pay the day of the event. Our Musical Guest this year is POINT OF GRACE so you really don’t wanna miss this opportunity! I hope to see each woman with a girl in their lives there.

On a side note, I have been working at the Hope Pregnancy Center for a year now and I absolutely love it!! Each woman involved in the center whether staff or volunteer is truly amazing and all the money that we get from this event goes back into the center so that we can continue to provide different programs like the Mom 2 Mom mentor program to the public. So please if you can make it come and show your support. Thanks and stay blessed!

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